Week 46  This week the barbette for turret Caesar, the aircraft hanger and a part of the anti-aircraft gun

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The barbette for turret Caesar is straight forward.  Here is the first section of assembly.

Here it is with the last part fitted.  The smaller hole is 1/4" diameter, so I'm guessing that the turret will rotate on a 1/4" shaft.  This will be useful info as I want to make the turrets rotate by radio control.  I have some bushes with a 6mm inside diameter (left over from an RC car) which may be just about right to support the shaft.  I've used this barbette as a guide to drill a hole in the aft superstructure.  See the Radio Control section for more details.

Here is a part of the anti aircraft gun, again very straight forward.

Finally the centre part of the hanger.  Easy, but make sure you get is square.


Things not yet done

Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted.
Fixing deck
Fitting resin stern part 70
Fitting resin propshaft part D
Fit the bilge keels
Fit the resin bow

Hot tip of the week

Take time to make sure that all the parts are upright and square before the glue dries.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

2 hrs

Running total :

185 hrs

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